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Automate Your Marketing (Length: 2-3 hours)

Planning ahead to convert & keep

Do you send the same information over and over? Do you ever forget to follow up with new subscribers, customer anniversaries and birthdays? How do you share your great case studies, success stories and customer testimonials? Or introduce customers to your diverse product or service offerings? And do you wish you had a way to reward new subscribers & inspire them to take action right NOW, when their interest is HOT?

Autoresponder campaigns do what YOU wish you had the time to do! Us them to follow up, inform, entertain, & provide incentives for action & engagement – they work automatically while you focus on your business. This seminar will help you:

  • Learn the difference between automated messages and autoresponder campaigns
  • Decide where autoresponders can help you do better marketing communications
  • Understand key actions that trigger emails to be sent
  • Identify what steps to take to design effective autoresponder campaigns
  • Design the “evergreen content” that works best for your audiences

We’ll also cover dos and don’ts, show a sample autoresponder calendar, and share real case studies of success with autoresponder campaigns.

Content Marketing: What to Say and How to Say It! (Length: 2-3 hours)

Using words and images to craft your email messages

Heard of “location, location, location”?  For online marketing, it’s “Content, Content, Content!”

What you say, and the way you say it (tone, date & time, frequency) is how you will attract, engage and be shareworthy to your audiences.

What are the Keys to Great Content? This seminar will teach you the time-saving tips, techniques, and yes, even apps that will help your content – and the way you share it – succeed!  

You will learn how to:

  • Create
  • Curate
  • Extend…the content that will help you achieve your goals

We’ll cover tidbits like how many links create the most engagement, how to turn questions into high-open subject lines, tips on using graphics, pictures and videos, re-purposing content across multiple platforms, and more. And, we’ll give you the structure and tools to make creating your content fast, easy and effective. 

Digital Marketing Trends in 2017 (Length: 2-3 hours)

Digital Marketing Trends in 2017

For small businesses and non-profits digital marketing is changing thanks to widespread ownership of smartphones, ever-increasing data and video streaming, combined with a cultural desire for digestible and personalized content. Do you know which trends will impact YOUR organization in 2017? How can you jump on some of thesetrends to get an edge on your competition? You’re about to find out!

We will discuss the following topics and how each might apply to your busiiness: 

  • Marketing Automation
  • Content Marketing 
  • Video Mobile 
  • Mobile 
  • Big Data

Join us as we explore the top trends in digital marketing that we believe small businesses should be paying attention to in 2017.  We’ll explore each trends and provide some simple ideas for incorporating them into your overall marketing strategy.

Getting Started with Email Marketing (Length: half-day or full-day)

New to Email Marketing or Need a Refresher?  Want to learn how to use Constant Contact?*

Rick Hogan, Authorized Constant Contact Local Expert will present this live, guided demonstration on the tools and features inside Constant Contact’s email marketing system. In this time-efficient, highly practical session, you will learn the basics so you can get going with your own email marketing program, including:

  • Setting up your Constant Contact account
  • Creating an email campaign and editing a template
  • Branding your emails with your logo, colors and photos
  • Creating content that people want to receive and read
  • Importing your email list into your constant database
  • Getting new subscribers by adding sign-up boxes to your website and emails
  • Tracking and interpreting your results

It’s a relaxed, friendly educational session — bring your questions!

Is this seminar right for you? This seminar is suitable for anyone new to Constant Contact, or who just wants a hand learning how to use our products. Some general knowledge of email marketing practices and concepts may be helpful.

*A Constant Contact account, or Trial Account, and a laptop computer are required for the extensive hands-on training in this workshop. Tablets and smartphones will not be effective.


Grow Your Business with Email + Social Media (Length: 2-3 hours)

Simple Marketing Strategy for Small Business & Nonprofits 

Most organizations find themselves seeking the right social media strategies, tools and tactics to improve the effectiveness of their online mareting activities. Between Facebook and Twitter, email and mobile, offers and deals, and whatever new social network is coming next — the frequency and complexity of change can be overwhelming. 

In this workshop you will learn how to combine unique email and social media campaigns to more effectivley communicate with your customers and to expand your marketing opportunities. You will learn how a social media plan with specific objectives can help you reach your marketing goals.  

You will be given some simple but powerful tips to improve your email open rates and social visibility. You will discover resources to help you inccrease click-through-rates, to get more conversions, and direct your message to the markets that you specifically want to target.

Harness the Power of Mobile (Length: 1-2 hours)
Harness the Power of Mobile
Participants will learn how to use mobile technology to promote themselves and drive more business. Mobile internet usage is growing fast – more people are starting to receive and read their emails and social media messages with their smartphones. And more businesses are starting to use mobile to create marketing communications and make it easy for their customers to buy from them.
You will learn:
• Why mobile makes local listings more important than ever
• How to drive action with mobile marketing
• How to create content with and for mobile
Join us for this action-packed seminar to see what mobile can do for your business.
Look Great in the Inbox: The 7 Don'ts of Email Marketing (Length: 1-2 hours)
Look Great in the Inbox: The 7 Don’ts of Email Design
With email marketing first impressions matter. How are you doing with your emails?
This seminar will help you avoid common email marketing mistakes and make them deliver powerful impact! 
You’ll learn: 
  • Branding beyond the logo  how placement, pictures, even colors can re-inforce recognition & engagement
  • Readability  including fonts, white space and single-column design
  • Images  including sizing, placement, links and more
  • Sharability  are you going social with your email?
  • Easy tips to encouragemore cross-platform engagement
Join us for this fast, info-packed seminar packed with tips, techniques and tools to help you navigate the do’s and the don’ts of effective attention-grabbing email marketing campaigns.
Standout Subject Lines: Get Open, Get Read, Get Results (Length: 1-2 Hours)
Ignored  or Engaging?
How are your subject lines working  or NOT working  to capture the attention and interest of your audience? This fast-paced seminar will take a deeper dive into the mechanics of truly effective subject lines.
We’ll cover:
  • The three keys that make or break your subject line (and how short your window really is..)
  • What works  and what does NOT work  in capturing your readers’ attention
  • Length, brand, urgency and offers  make them work for your subject lines
  • Before and examples that make it crystal clear how to improve your results
  • Get their attention  get in the door  and get the response you desire.

Whether you are trying to be seen, drive revenue, increase your reach or inspire referrals, your subject lines are the key to your email marketing success!

Join us to learn more!

Social Media 101 - Social Media Basics (Length: half-day or full-day)

Social Media Basics: The why, the what, and the how for your small business or non-profit

They’re Out There – How Do You Reach Them?  You know your prospects, clients and members are active on social media. Are you asking: can social media really be harnessed for your business ornonprofit? Perhaps you’re not convinced that it works – or you are, but you’re feeling overwhelmed and are not sure how to get started marketing your business with social media.

This seminar will show you the value of using social media to reach your customers, members and prospects – plus how it can drive repeat business while attracting new customers, members, donors and volunteers!

We’ll take a look at the 5 most popular social media networks – Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram – and discuss: 

  • What each network is about
  • What to post
  • How often to post
  • The business benefit of using each social network

We’ll also look at what comes next: what kinds of engaging, share-worthy content to post to social media, how to get started, and how to use a content calendar to plan your social media posts.

*This session is best suited for beginners who have begun to use social media for business but are ready to go a little further.


Social Media 102 - You’re Social, Now What? (Length: 1-2 hours)

Social Media 102 – You’re Social, Now What? (Length: 1-2 hours)

You’ve thought about what social networks to use for your organization, and you’re ready to take the next step. Where do you go from here?

This seminar will give you a closer look at the popular social media networks Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google+. I’ll show you the benefits of using each, how other organizations are marketing with them, and some dos and donts of each channel.

You’ll also get tips on how to tell if your social media activity is working.

*This session is best suited for beginners who have begun to use social media for business but are ready to go a little further.

Social Media Timesavers (Length: 2-3 hours)
Find Time to Save Time – Advanced Social Media Tips & Tricks
By now you’re realized that social media is here to stay. It has become something many consumers interact with on a day-to-day basis and how small businesses and non-profits stand out and compete intoday’s marketing landscape. However, managing social media activity can be daunting to time-starved business and non-profit owners who cannot afford to live on social media all day nor ignore it.
Luckily, there are tools designed with people like you in mind to help manage the daily tasks ofparticipating and managing social media activity for your brand. We’ve put together an advanced socialstrategy for you in this seminar that will help you save time on social media marketing and find extratime for you.
In this seminar we will cover:
  • Curating content
  • Social media management tools
  • Creating content at events
  • What apps can help you
  • The art of not over-thinking
  • Next steps

We hope you will join us for this advanced social media seminar designed to help you maximize your online marketing effectiveness.

The Power of the Inbox (Length: 1-2 Hours)
First Impressions Count!
What is the first impression you give when they see you in their email inbox? And when they see you there, what do they do?
This powerful seminar takes you step-by-step through the keys to effective email marketing:
  • What it really is (and isn’t)
  • What it can do for your business
  • And the five easy steps you must take to harness the power of the inbox!
  • Grow a healthy list
  • Create great conten
  • Customize a beautiful, mobile-friendly template that matches your brand
  • How to get your emails opened
  • Tracking your results
From revealing why regular email doesn’t work, to insider tips and techniques like automated listbuilding tools and the design elements that work (and those that don’t!), this seminar will give you the keys to the most effective marketing you can do: email marketing.

Join us to learn more!

Your Brand is Your Story!

When Someone Thinks About Your Business, What DO They Think About Your Business? 

How is your business or non-profit known in your community? What makes you different than your competitors? What impressions might people have of your organization? The answers to these questions aren’t about what you do or what you sell. They are about your image – how your business is perceived by anyone who knows about you.

Topics we will cover:

  • Marketing vs. Branding
  • How Your Brand Should Attract Client Engagement
  • Branding Your Business Across Social Media
  • Extending Your Brand to Your Target Market